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Seasons of life change just as the seasons of flowers. I am in a new season. A different and unusual flower is budding. Unlike most bios on a photographer's website, mine is a conglomeration of experiences, dreams, talents, interests, failures, heartbreaks,and redemptions.
Widowhood...grown sons...Now is the time for fun and following curiosities that have gathered dust on a shelf far too long.The one "hobby" that claimed my loyalty during my life is gardening. With Nikon in hand and an avid passion for macro flower photography, I plow through the yard searching for tiny treasures. Flowers make me smile!
Many online classes, webinars, camera experiments, lens, tripod and great gear "stuff" are part of my unique photography journey. What fun it is to pal around with daisies!
Glad you are here. My hope is that your day or season may be brighter after your visit to my little world.